Jonathan Citsay

Jonathan Citsay Provides Top Techniques for More Meaningful Lifts

Strength training allows individuals to create lean muscle mass, minimize their body fat percentage, and burn calories more efficiently. However, as a fundamental component to any workout regime, it is essential to implement the proper techniques to further enhance results. 

Jonathan Citsay, an avid fitness buff from Las Vegas is constantly pushing himself to new workout heights. He takes the time to share some of the best methods he has come across during his many years of training that can help you get more out of your lifts and build your muscles faster.

1. Bulk Up That Tired Old Routine

We are creatures of habit, so it is entirely possible that you are still implementing the same workout routine that you were back in 2017. Consistency may be great for some aspects of your life, but your workouts should not be one of them. When you fail to alter your routine, you are bound to plateau before long. The easiest way to modify your training is to increase weight or resistance, adding just enough new stress to shock your bored muscles back into growth.

2. Be Amazed by the Power of Compounding

Compounding works various muscle groups simultaneously, allowing for a quality workout with superior results. By focusing on lifts that target multiple muscle groups at the same time like squats, deadlifts, and incline bench presses, you can get more bang for your buck with each lift. If you are not solely focused on building one muscle group and instead want an overall muscular physique, it is definitely the most efficient way to achieve it. 

Jonathan Citsay does caution that with these compound lifts, you are only as good as your weakest muscle group, so certain lifts may not be good matches for you depending on your muscle distribution.

3. Try One-Armed Lifts (Unilateral Training)

One-armed variations of traditional lifts offer a wide range of benefits, as unilateral training corrects muscle imbalances and aids in injury prevention. Working one side of your body independently also helps to enhance upper body strength and overall muscular endurance. 

Naturally, one-armed variations of every lift are not always possible, but you can give it a go with moves such as the deadlift, overhead press, and rows. Ultimately, adding several single-armed workouts will help add positive stress, leading to increased core stability.

4. Completely Exhaust Your Muscles

If your muscles just are not cooperating with your demands to grow at the specified rate, then give them the punishment they deserve. This technique will do just that, as its goal is to completely exhaust your muscles with a strenuous set before putting them back into action again shortly afterward. The thinking is that with your muscles in a weakened state, they will have to work harder to perform the same lifts and thus grow more. Jonathan Citsay says the science on this has not been settled but that it is worth a shot if you are struggling to make gains.

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