Jonathan Citsay

Jonathan Citsay Discusses the Best Bike Trails in Nevada

Nevada has one of the most varied and breathtaking biking environments of any state in the U.S, filled with outposts of rocky formations at every turn, cavernous canyons that slash across the landscape, and vast valleys of desert. 

Much of the state is uninhabited land and strange discoveries lurk across its arid expanse says Jonathan Citsay, a devout UTV rider, outdoors enthusiast and CrossFitter from Las Vegas. That’s partly because most of that unpopulated land is owned by the Federal Government, which has made use of it by installing bases, Nuke testing grounds, and other eerie facilities.

Bike trails dot the Nevada landscape as well, many of which Jonathan has journeyed along during his travels. He shares his list of some of Nevada’s best bike trails for nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts alike. Interested in learning more about his experiences? Submit a contact form and he’ll be in touch.

Bootleg Canyon

This 35-mile single-track trail is a favorite among area cyclists thanks to its many elevation changes, mix of beginner and advanced sections, and it’s very technical paths. Jonathan Citsay recommends checking out the POW section, which is filled with lots of speed and great views. As Bootleg Canyon is rather rocky and has numerous challenging trails, he says to get padded up for this ride.

Blue Diamond

This 30-mile single track just outside of Las Vegas sits in a quiet area with some commanding views of the surrounding mountainous terrain. The quaint little village of Blue Diamond is nestled along the pleasant Landmine Loop, its crown jewel being a bike shop where a ride can be rented and a map picked up (you’ll want one, as there are plenty of crisscrossing paths). Several moderately steep climbs can be found in the area’s hills and there are miles of flat, firm trails to be ridden as well.

Rose to Toads

The Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association puts together an annual run along the full route of this challenging single track trail, which stretches 62 miles from start to finish and which affords great views of nearby Lake Tahoe. There are some tough climbs and exhilarating descents, not to mention fun rides through terrain littered with enormous boulders and towering trees.

Sierra Canyon Trail

This 10-mile single track network trail is almost entirely uphill or downhill depending on which side you start from. And we are not talking a little bit uphill or downhill either, but rather thousands of feet of elevation change. Needless to say, the climb is an extreme challenge, with virtually no breaks along its length, while the downhill ride is a breezy and fun one, with some moderately difficult sections featuring tight turns.

Railroad Tunnel Trail

This 8-mile trail east of Las Vegas stretches along the southwest side of Lake Mead and towards the Colorado River, which empties out into the lake after passing through the Hoover Dam. Along the relatively flat and easy trail are five 300-foot long tunnels that were used during the construction of the Dam. Riding through them is very cool according to Jonathan Citsay, though he laments that you can’t bike all the way to the Hoover Dam but rather must walk the rest of the way at the point where this unique trail ends.

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